Sinus surgery for me next week

I’ve scheduled endoscopic sinus surgery for next week. I’m hoping this will do the trick. I’m tired of getting 5 sinus infections/year and having constant headaches. I have needed to get this done for a while now, and with med school looming, I REALLY need to get it done before I start that.
And this is my first surgery! I have to admit that it is kinda creeping me out, the thought of going under general anesthesia. But I don’t want local- I had that when I had my wisdom teeth pulled out and I heard the crunching. EEW!
I know I’ll be OK, but I feel guilty because of the expense. We really can’t afford this right now, but I need to get it done before January (I’ve met my deductible already) and before I leave my job next summer.
We’ll get through it, we always do, but I still feel guilty.
Anyhow I may be a new person in a few weeks, able to actually feel air in my sinuses again. (fingers crossed)

Well I hope it goes well for you - and it does the trick! My husband could use that surgery too, so keep us updated on how you do.
I’m an old surgery veteran, and as such, I won’t add to your freak with my own war stories. But I will tell you something that people never seem to mention. You have to recover from your surgery and there is some pain involved when people wiggle your body parts around while you sleep. But they give you drugs for that, and they tell you that. What no one told me is that you have to recover from the general anesthesia too. It can leave you feeling rather hungover. You can feel “fine” from the surgery but still “wierd” from the anesthesia.

I can totally relate to the nervousnes you feel – hope it goes well.
Email me if I can do anything.

Sorry you have to have surgery, but I really hope it helps you. I used to get a lot of sinus infections and they really are a downer!
Good luck and I’ll be wishing you a speedy recovery!

Good Luck on the surgery and I hope it goes well.

I did it! The surgery was yesterday and I’m now home and recovering. The only unexpected event was that apparently I am the poster child for anesthesia- I slept and slept and slept and stayed an extra 5 hours before I was awake enough to come home. Now I am sore and trying not to blow my nose and getting a dry mouth from mouth breathing, but at least I don’t have constant post-nasal drip any more, right?

I did get a pic of what my ethmoid sinuses look like, but I don’t have a scanner to post it. (I asked for a video, but my dr. wasn’t using that scope this time. Am I weird? Nah, just a -gulp! med student!)

Thanks to all for your kind wishes!

Glad to hear it went well.
The picture sounds really cool.

Runtita, glad to hear it went well!!! I had nasal/sinus surgery a couple of years ago and it dramatically improved my breathing and no more bronchitis! (who’da thought nasal surgery would help bronchitis?)
Get well soon!