Sitting on the fence....

Hello there…
I have a very unique position that I’m sure no one on OPM has ever had to face. I’ve been back and forth with med school or PA school for a few years now. The mistake I made was buying and selling and buying and renting and buying a house in the last 2 years which made school work a far off dream. My friend graduated from MCO this summer and after going to his graduation it was the impetus I needed. We talked for hours that weekend and came up with the fact I could get into PA school in 2006…so off I went and took
-Gen Bio=“A”
-Dev. Psy=“A”
-Management class=“B”
-Intro to Orgo/Biochem="B"
I’m currently enrolled in Micro and A&P1 but the dilemma is I keep getting pulled back to my desire to be the physician and not the physician assistant. So I’m resigning myself to the fact that I will not be happy unless I’m a physician. I keep running from it and it keeps coming back. The difference this time is I’m not distracting myself with housing or anything besides school and work.
Here is my plan and please pick it apart and offer suggestions-
Fall 2005-finish the courses I registered for. Micro and A&P1…or should I drop the A&P…
Spring 2006- chem and some bio class at UMD, Science in the Evening.
Summer -physics 1 & 2
Fall - org1 & some bio class
Spring 2007- org2 & some bio class or instead of bio a MCAT prep class
Take MCAT???
Summer - take summer off & study for MCAT???
Fall - Analytical Chem & some bio class
Another thing would be to apply to Georgetown’s SMP program for next fall…
So I guess the biggest thing is I’ve got the school mindset back after taking 14 credits over the summer and want to keep it and keep this marathon going…
I hear all the arguments from the naysayers about malpractise and time away from family and host of other things but what am I going to say down the road if I don’t do it…I could have been a physician but didn’t want to pay all that malpractise insurance.??? That’s a bunch of crock even saying it now much less when I’m older…I’m 33 this year…36 by the time I expect to start med school.

What say you OPM’ers? Are there any hidden issues before I commit to this? I heard about the criminal record and DEA license but I’m okay with that one. Is there anything else to consider. Like I said I’m 33 right now, no kids, small mortgage, good credit, no debt, wife a full time student for the next 4 years…

Thats alot of buying and selling!
Noone can tell you what is best for you. I think what i would say is if you keep feeling like you are wanting to be a physician you should presue it.
I assume you know the expected pre reqs (whihc are the ones which will increase your success rate on the MCAT
Chem 1 & 2 with labs
Bio 1 & 2 with labs
Physics 1 & 2 with labs
O chem 1 & 2 with labs
Assuming your other makrs are similar to what you posted here I would not take anything extra to muddy the waters before the MCAT. Remember, all you need to know for the MCAT are in those classes. Some have said biochem would be helpful, others say it isnt etc etc. All i know is the list of information on the MCAT is posted in the booklet and none of it isnt included in the pre reqs.
In the end its up to you!

Hi Crooz — sounds like you have a good plan for coursework. I’ve been on/off the same PA fence. Lots of encouragement from folks for both, so I’m still plodding along in anticipation for an April 07 MCAT. If those scores are not up-to-snuff, I’ll re-assess the PA (and even RN for NPRN) routes …
Anyway, back to you. I would continue with the A&P course - based on my own experience. Oh, back to me agan. I really enjoyed the class and it re-motivated me towards medicine. Though it was a lot of information to digest (and tons of memorization), it was exciting and I scored an A - helping my GPA. I’m doing the same with micro this term - not required, but very fun and hopefully another A … The rest of your coursework schedule looks good to me. I probably wouldn’t advise Physics 1 & 2 over the summer for most people — but for me, it wouldn’t be too bad (it was the basis for my engineering background). I’m assuming these are two seperate terms — i.e. taking them consecutively vs simultaneously. And O-chem in back-to-back terms is wise. Good luck to you —

Thanks for the replies. I’ve decided to go ahead and pursue my dream of becoming a physician. Unfortunately I’m going to drop the A&P course and replace it with a trig. More of a need for calculus than A&P. The schedule is now:
Spring -Chem 1 & PreCalc
Summer - Calc 1
Fall - Orgo 1 & Calc 2
Spring - Orgo 2 & Genetics
Summer - Phy 1 & Phy 2
Fall - Analytical Chem & Immuno
Spring 2008-MCAT prep & MCAT
I’m basically taking whatever bio course they offer along with the chem class. I just believe it will strengthen the app…that is of course if I knock them out of the park with "A’s"
So this puts me taking the MCAT in 2008 and entering school in 2009…feels like a lifetime away but it always does…especially if you stop taking classes because of being an idiot…