so, are you doing okay?

I just wanted to tell everyone that I am sure it’s really tough to hear about The Great Breakup of Bennifer rolleyes.gif and I hope everyone will be able to cope and move on! (cough)
Here near the forecast Ground Zero for Hurricane Isabel, J. Lo and Ben had a tough time making it onto the first half-hour of news… but just when I thought, wow, aren’t they EVER going to get to this very important story that has so many people on the edge of their seats? the local stations came through with all the latest. It’s all about priorities.

Hi there,
I just finished stocking my refrigerator for Hurricaine Isabel. It reminds me of when snow is predicted around here and all of the groceries disappear from the supermarket shelves. I bought carrots, lettuce, pasta, potatoes and milk for coffee. With such good things in my pantry, I can hold up for about a week.
Govenor Mark Warner declared Virginia a disaster area earlier this afternoon. I guess he wanted to get a jump on things before the storm got out of the Carribean. Anyway, it is projected to come ashore around Cape Hattaras to Va Beach sometime on Thursday morning. Folks were stocking up on batteries and generators.
I will be happily toiling away in the Trauma ICU trying to get everything settled for my patients. I could get a good run because folks around here will do stupid things like drive around the the high winds or water. I don’t have to worry too much because the Trauma ICU is on the fifth floor. I will probably take my digital camera with me to snap a few photos if I get bored.

Natalie rolleyes.gif

I will be happily toiling away in the Trauma ICU trying to get everything settled for my patients.

Yeah, I'm on call Thursday night so once I arrive Thurs. morning I won't have to go anywhere til Friday afternoon. Frankly I am hoping it'll keep people OUT of the ER as my last three calls have been non-stop! We shall see.....
My inventory efforts here consisted of collecting flashlights, finding the radio that runs on ONE battery (instead of old boomboxes that take 8 D batteries), locating candles and matches, and deciding how many more batteries would be needed. I also decided to add paper plates and cups to the list, since I don't feel like washing dishes in cold water if we lose power.
If we lose power, I won't have internet access, how will I be able to keep up with breaking developments in the Bennifer story????

What will you do? I called a friend of mine tonight and the first thing out of her mouth was, “Can you believe Ben and Jen broke up?” I had no idea! Where was I? Shouldn’t there be some emergency alert system when real news like this breaks?
Re: Isabel… I spent the weekend at Cape Hatteras and everyone there was pretty worried. Georgetown probably won’t close, though all my fellow students hope it will. Not me. If my physics exam on Friday is postponed until Monday I’ll get physics and orgo on Monday and that will suck.

oh man - you East coasters are so lucky - it is still only 10:30 out west and we’ve only received the teasers for the 11 pm news == as in, “what’s the latest on JLo & Ben” – no details yet - I might have to break out the cable guide to find the E channel smile.gif

The whole Bennifer thing is probably a publicity stunt. They probably got married over the weekend and are just trying to avoid the press.
Actually, I think their whole relationship is a publicity stunt. tongue.gif
Re: Hurricane news, I hope it skips this area. I lived through Hurricane Andrew (in Miami where I’m originally from) and I can tell you that real hurricanes SUCK! We lost power for 3 weeks and the whole city was demolished. sad.gif
P.S. I have class on Thurs. nights. We have our first test this Thurs. I’d like to get it over with…

Yes, Andrew was just horrible. We are in Tampa but have many family and friends in the Miami area who went through it personally.
So, we in Florida are counting our blessings that this one is not for us sleep.gif , but I’ll be keeping you all in mind during these days and hoping you come through safely.
Stay safe,

Went to OMT yesterday afternoon, and the first thing out of the mouth of our instructor was "Did you hear about Jen and Ben breaking up?"
Now I know he was just being silly, but enough is enough already!!

By way of making conversation with the bookstore clerk who was ringing up my psychiatry book and my DSM-IV summary handbook, I pointed to the cover of the magazine on the counter and said, “Come on now Ben, what are you doing?”
She said, "Who cares? He’s not putting money in my pocket."
Back to neuroanatomy. I’m getting my ass kicked this year folks, that’s why I’ve been scarce around here lately.

Hang in there, Joe. It's a tough year and I am sure you will come out of it okay but I also know you will wonder just what the hell convinced you this was a good idea in the first place… have faith in yourself. You'll be okay.

Hey Joe,
As Mary said, second year is tough but you are rewarded with third year next year. Third-year will confirm why you came to medical school in the first place and fourth year is downright enjoyable. As soon as Step I is in the can, time flies very quickly and soon you are sitting on the wards at 0400h ordering laxatives and envying the sick because they get to lie down. rolleyes.gif

I personally love Jennifer Lopez. I have no idea what he is thinking. It is a puzzling case study in self-destructiveness.
But, Mary and Nat, thanks for the encouraging words. It's kind of rough right now but hopefully it will get better after this first block, until boards mania sets in anyway…

My dear friend’s comment on the situation:
"She thinks she can fix these guys! First the thug, then the gay guy, now the alcoholic. She needs help."
Everyone’s a diagnostician.
Speaking of diagnosis, I will say that my psych rotation is very interesting and a highlight of my week. It’s at McLean Hospital, a well-known psychiatric hospital; and my preceptor is a lovely man who is very kind.
My clinical afternoon, however, is a bit discouraging: it’s going to be at Mass General and despite requesting the funky community hospital with lots of poor folks for patients, I got placed at MGH, and not just at MGH but on the “private wing” of MGH (a 24-floor building) and it looks like I’ll be on one of their VIP floors–who knew such places even existed? Oak paneling and huge individual private rooms, for the super-paying customers. For all the rest of y’all, welcome to coach class. Those of you who’ve tracked my politics on this forum will know that this is a sure sign that there is a God, and that s/he is testing my capacity for compassion and open-heartedness.
I hate tests.

QUOTE (joewright @ Sep 22 2003, 06:20 PM)
I personally love Jennifer Lopez. I have no idea what he is thinking. It is a puzzling case study in self-destructiveness.

well I heard that Ben broke it off because Jen wanted to change the wedding date based on her psychic's advice --- for me, that's 2 points for Ben's common sense.

J-lo and Ben broke up?
There are some advantages to removing yourself from all current events…