So Far, So Good!

I started a Gen Chem class this fall and I got an “A” on my first exam! Yoo-hoo! It’s been about 20 years since I’ve had chemistry and boy am I encouraged!

Just wanted to check in! Hope all is well with everyone else! – Lori M.


That’s great! I got pathetic 65% on my first general chemistry test, when I started taking my pre-med prerequisites…Luckily, I did much better on remaining tests and ended up getting a good grade!!!

It looks like you’re one a good path!


Congrats! Gen chem was so hard for me - getting back into the swing of things took a lot of time. I’m glad it’s going well for you!


I read in another thread that you interviewed for Hershey Medical Center! Hope all goes well for you! If you’re accepted, give me a ring - I live 10 minutes away from the med center.

Parabéns! (Portuguese for congratulations.) That is a very hard class, with the shells and the subshells and the periodicity and everything. And then being graded on your product yield while you use Beaver Cleaver-era equipment! But I digress-- study hard, you’ll be using it all next year in o-chem and most definitely on the MCAT.