So, when should I start the app process?

Ok, I’ve finished my prereqs with the exception of 6 hours of biology (supposedly those can be finished anytime prior to matriculation) and am planning on taking the MCAT in August.
When should I start my application process? Here in Texas, the TMDSAS website is already open for the 2005 starting class. Do I begin now or wait a few months or what?
BTW - my stats - a few blemishes (read F’s) on my record as a younger, more brash idiot, but with those factored in, 3.3 overal, 3.58 science (last two years of premed work have been A’s), worked in a chiropractic office for about 3 months as an assistant, 3 years as a youth director at the church 18 years as a software engineer who just got fed up with it.

If you are applying this year, then I would say get started now. The earlier the better. I don’t know about Texas schools but check out the med school forum about one of the Texas schools
Spacecadet may be able to help you with your Texas questions.
You might need some other clinical volunteer or paid time. It depends on what schools you apply to.
Knock the MCAT on its feet. GOOD LUCK

By the way, which school in Dallas? I did my Ugrad (second trip through) at UTDallas. I had a wonderful experience there.

My undergrad was from DeVry (BSEET - '85 3.3 ) and my premed work has been from DCCCD and CCCCD (Northlake and McKinney respectively - 4.0 for Bio I, A&P I, Gen Chem I and II, Organic Chem I and II).
My experience with UTD has been all F’s (as a younger, brash moron who didn’t know what he wanted to do actually I’s that rolled to F’s).
I was a little surprised that even with all of that the overall is 3.3 with science being 3.58.
I’ve been told to start applying now, but my only clinical experience is working for about 3 months in a chiropractic office as an assistant. Some say that doesn’t count, others say it does. Which is it? I mean, I learned a lot about new patient exams (ROM, orthopedic/neurological exams, XRay development) and got to do a little therapy work on patients - as much as was legal.
Sorry, I’m a little anxious. I’d really like to go to TCOM Ft. Worth as DO is my first choice, but I’ll move if I have to. The family is ok with it…
Any advice?