Some comic relief

I was perusing the 7/6 MCAT thread (my re-take date yesterday) on SDN and came across this. I hope I’m not violating any copyright laws or anything, but this is one poster’s impression of one of the passages. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

“fact 1: dogs are brown

2: brown things can be light brown or dark brown

3: red things can eat ice cream

4: creamy things sometimes are brown but are shazoodle

5. shazoodled cats are often known as poodlefoodle

6. Poodlefoodle shazoodled loodle droodle

7. at the poodle foodle, red things might become brown things, know as poopscooters

8. poopscooters were not found in noodles, at least when shazoodles didn’t poopscoot.

913. you are gonna fail


what would have the best icecream if shazoodle was green tea flavored?

a. scooterpoop, without shazoodle

b. scooterpoop, with shazoodle

c. coffee ice cream

d. it’s hot when i eat ice cream

Don’t think that gave away too much for the AAMC lords overseeing this, but I think that’s a good representation of how I felt.”

No that makes too much sense to ever be on the MCAT.

sounds like an LSAT question.

OMG! I am not anywhere near taking the MCAT, but this reminds of my physics exams this summer. 7 multiple choice options and if you read them enough they all look like nonsense anyway and make you feel the biggest idiot ever to walk the face of the earth, but you swear in class you “got it”. Hilarious.

I am not even sure I will ever get better than a 6 on VR.

It did make me laugh.

The sad thing is, this was a bio passage. Someone described the biology section of our test as “VR with a little bio sprinkled on top.” Looking back, that is an accurate assessment, but it was still far better than last September’s test overall.

That was funny, but now it’s stuck in my head and I want to know the correct answer. I wonder if it’s (b).

No dullhead (b) is the misdirection answer…

Little EK/Kaplan humor.

Reminds me of a passage from the GRE: something about people speaking different languages and why some couldn’t sit next to each other in the car and what seats each should sit in. I felt like screaming: “Just get in the [bleep!] car! By the time we figure this all out we could have gotten there already!” I was very rebellious during my first tussle with the MCAT (and it showed), as well as with the GRE (I muddled better through that)–a thousand years ago [1996]. But since I’ve begun to consider medicine again, I’ve come to a sense of peace and inevitability, a befriending of the MCAT. It’s kind of like living with a (mostly) tame tiger that you are in charge of training to jump through a fiery hoop. And you have to accomplish this task before you are allowed to walk the tightrope in the circus…