something about me :)

Hi all, I love this forum and I hope to contribute here in the future!

Here is something about me. I’m 24 yrs old to turn 25 in June.

I’m a first generation Chinese here in the United States. I came here in the 4th grade. I did not have much academic guidance throughout middle school and high school, (high school never required a final exam, and I hardly studied for a standardized exam because I was top 10% of my class which had auto acceptance to a great state school.) A cheap state school was about all my family could afford. Compared to my friends who took APCalc/Physics/Chemistry/ Biology and aced their SATs I was way behind when I started college.

I had fun in highschool, played 2 sports, started on the 4A football team that went to state semi finals, poker nights on school nights, partied with friends almost all senior year. Played plenty of MMORPG. I was very absorbed in the American culture. I enjoyed it and I paid for it dearly in college.

I initially struggled in a few Pre-med science courses Bs/B+ in Physics/chem. C in Calc, C in intro bio 1 (retook for an A) Because of this I had to work really hard to get to where I am today. GPA upon graduation 3.6/3.37 AAMCAS, 3.6/3.5 AACOMAS BS Biology. I had an abysmall 3.1 GPA freshman year and my parents told me to reconsider medical school, but I kept with it because I never likes to quit anything that I’ve started. I know that my chances are still slim with my 29 MCAT to get into a Allopathic school, so I’ve accepted that Osteopathic might be the best option for me.

My word of advice to all incoming juniors and seniors who happen to read this board is to study hardcore in high school AP classes, that way they will have a distinct advantage in college pre-med classes.

My parents had the common misconceptions about MD/DO . My mom even wanted me to go Caribbean to get an MD, but when I showed her the hard facts about residency issues Caribbean vs DO she changed her mind as well.

During my year away from school, I also obtained an EMT license, lost around 50 pounds from 240-190 and worked for a nonprofit research organization. We will see how this round of application goes

So there is something about me, hopefully it wasn’t too lengthy.

Nice to meet you all!

Hi, and welcome aboard!

It seems like you’re doing pretty well, I think you’ll find many physicians on this site who have had much lower GPA/MCAT than you and have gone on to success!

Read their stories and get inspired, you can do it!

Best wishes,


Thanks Dan!

Welcome to the group! I am hoping that you get in at your first-choice school! Keep us posted.