sort of, kind of new here.

hi everyone -
i have been lurking around here for a while now, but am now just starting to think about medicine (again).
i am 29 years old, married and have a beautiful little 9 month old girl. she’s absolutely amazing.
i have always been fascinated by science and medicine and have wanted to be a doctor since i was able to talk. i kept pushing it to the side with various excuses - too expensive, too time consuming, too hard, i’m not good enough, what if i can’t hack it, yada yada. i was very insecure, and in retrospect, i believe it was better for me to stall with excuses than to go into medical school as a fragile young thing… they would have eaten me alive!
but, i’ve since given birth to a miracle baby, surviving three days of labor and a c-section during which the anesthesia wore off, and as i’ve gotten older, i have learned to believe in myself and my capabilities a lot more. i realize now that i am stronger than i ever gave myself credit for. i’m ready to do this. now, i just have to figure out how! LOL but, i’m sure i will find a way. i, of course, have some concerns… but hopefully i will get them answered on this board.
well, thats about it for me. sorry for the lengthy intro! best wishes to everyone else out there, and i am excited to be a part of such a great community!

Hi susanna, Welcome to OPM. Ask any question you want. I am sure that someone has “been there done that”.
congrats on your new study budy they can certainly put things into perspective.

Hi and welcome. Good Luck. I stalled for a while and then ended up selling my house and going to England with my wife and son! Never know what will happen if you don’t go for it!
Cheers Bill.