Spouses attitudes during the journey

I am 32, married with one son and one on the way. I recently decided to go for my dream of medical school. I am currently in the process of applying to formal post-baccalaureate programs.
My question is this, of all of you fellow OPMs, what does your spouse or significant other have to say about going back to medical school? Are they super-supportive, or do they tell you to go do it if you feel you have to. I know spousal support is paramount, I am just trying to get a feel as to what my expectations should be. If anyone can shed some light on this, I would appreciate it.
This is a fantastic forum! Very informative.

Hi Johnny.
I think each individual’s circumstances are incredibly unique. One thing I think is really important is for us, as the students going back, to be just as supportive of our spouse’s feelings as we hope they are of ours. While there is definitely an amount of courage it takes to make the leap as an individual, it takes equally as much for our spouses.
I’ve got to say that I am incredibly fortunate to have a wife that is super-supportive. I have yet to hear anything negative from her, even when we’ve been trying to figure out how we can swing a house payment, tuition, bills, apartment for me, gas, BOOKS, etc. In fact, she is not only extrememly positive, she refuses to allow me to be anything less than 100% positive in myself and my abilities. I’m sure some of this has to do with the fact that when we were first married we were in a similar situation with her attending law school. Or maybe she just likes having me out of the house…
Good luck in your application process!

I think I remember my spouse, first having hesitance, we have young children (and old ones too) and I think he was concerned with what extra responsibilities he would have to pick up, which ends up not to be much because I try to be super woman so he doesnt have 2 full-time jobs (work and home) he does have to help out more, and now he is TOTALLY supporting me without any hesitation–in fact he is excited and often tells me when Im in doubt that if I cant do it, then nobody should be able too. Comments like that help keep me going!!

My spouse is very supportive. My friends spouse was a “whatever” type. She knows nothing about the process nor his aspirations after graduation nor is she concerned. As long as he’s happy and continues to be a good father and husband. Becoming a doctor is his thing and she’s not interested in it. He came back from a chem 1 test and had gotten a “D”…she told him that perhaps he might want to rethink his dream of becoming a doctor. She doesn’t baby nor coddle him and he’s graduating next year partly because of her no nonsense approach. He needed to prove to her that medicine is what he wanted by his actions and not words.
I don’t agree sometimes with her but I agree with her statement that if we’re “supposed” to do something then we’ll do it and no amount of naysayers will stop it. Use whatever you get to propel you to where you choose to go. While my wife is extremely supportive my family & friends are not. In the end it’s up to you…mind over matter.

In my case, my husband is super supportive. We discussed it before I started back to college, and I would not have started without support, because I knew he’d to really be there for me to help because of the kids.