Spring 2012 MCAT Registration--Strategy Question

Hey, gang–quick opinion poll. I am trying to decide what date to pick for my MCAT this spring. There is a March 24th date, 3 dates in April (5th, 13th, 28th), and 4 dates in May (12th, 19th, 24th, 31st)…

**I am taking OrgoII/PhysicsII in the spring (with finals being the 1st week of May)…

Would you go for the 3/24 date to give yourself time to retake it if necessary, or would you pick a late April (or even early May) date to give yourself the most time to study?

I can see pros and cons for both…just curious as to what you think the best route is!

I took it end of April with my finals being around the second week of May. This allowed me to stay in “school mode” for my MCAT rather than take it after my finals when I might be tempted to relax (the yay-summer-is-here mentality). This also then gave me time to focus solely on my primary app and PS in time to submit mid-June.

It worked well for me but not sure if it’s the best route for you; only you know your comfort level. Timing comes into play but also pick a date where you feel as ready for the MCAT as possible. You really don’t want to have to take it twice.

Carrie even if you take it in late April you will still get your scores in late May, plenty of time to adjust your studying over the summer and retake in September (basically the last time you can take it in the cycle for MD.)

I basically had the same schedule as Shawn. Took it April 20th, Then finals, Then worked on my primaries and had them ready to go out on June regardless. Got a good MCAT so didn’t have to worry about a retake, but it I hadn’t I would have had June July and August to prepare.

I went with April 28th-- 1pm. Holy guacamole… things just got real!! All of a sudden, that doesn’t feel like very far away! :0

Good choice carrieliz! I also picked April 28 at 1pm…but haven’t been able to hit the submit button when it comes to paying for it…guess its feeling a little too real (and scary! what if I don’t get the score I want and need!!!).

I’m taking Org II and Physics I (decided I could use the re-fresh since the last time I took it was 5years ago…and wasn’t as serious about things back then).

Good luck for your impending semester and MCAT studying!

Thanks, MJ2B! I know exactly what you mean! But we’ll just take it one question at a time…

(How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time… right?)

We CAN and WILL get through this with flying colors! Hit that submit button… and start studying!

I’m also taking the MCAT 4/28 @ 1 p.m. … I say: BRING IT ON!!!

(that’s me trying to be positive!)

Looks like we’ll have a fun group going through it together…sounds like an elephant roast!

Well, it’s done. I’m signed up for May 24th, 1pm. My classes are a bit behind yours in schedule (finals not until June 11-16), so I figured I would wait till I had more of that last trimester of physics under my belt before I sit for the test. It doesn’t crowd finals this way either.

It does feel a lot more “real” all of a sudden.

I’m studying with a group of guys that I go to school with (who are also all research assistants with me at the hospital). Coincidentally we picked 4/28 at 1pm too. I just registered for it tonight. I’m already feeling the butterflies! Wow!

Congrats, Erica–one more stepping stone along the way!!!

Only orgo II and studying for the Mcat next semester. Exam crackers and TPR study material. Registered for April 5th 1:00 pm.

Let the games begin!