started drinking water from the fire hose

Hello fellow OPMs ;

I started 3 weeks anatomy boot camp at my school before actual medical school classes start. It is 8 hours a day plus home study and after hours cadaver learning. It is great! We are moving with such a fast pace but it is nice preview of what to expect. It is like a total immersion in anatomy.

There are only 40 students but there are several non traditional students, over 30 and at least 2 over 40 years old.

So whoever has second thought - age is not an issue !! People in every age are doing it! Do not give up , because the feeling you get when they give you ID badge with the class 2016 or whatever year it will be, is incredible.

That is awesome, I look forward to that date … is the “pre-immersion immersion” something that you have to apply for or is it offered by your school?

the pre-immersion is being offered for 40 student of incoming class ( out of 220) , they just started this year . There is no credit offered, just the experience and the warm up for the real classes.

That is awesome, what a great opportunity, I bet you are going to feel way ahead of the curve!

It is more about feeling less anxious and knowing what to expect when they throw us on the deep water beginning on July 27th .Also , it is good warm up - U spend 4 hours continuously concentrating , have one hour break and spend another 4 hours continuously paying attention, you come home and have to study for few more hours. But there are no negative consequences if U do not study enough - we have quizzes every morning but no grade - just to see how you study and if you make any improvement.

At the end we are going to have lab practical, as difficult as actual med school exam - so based on this one can also adjust studying when the school starts much faster.

This is first time they are doing it so it is more like an experiment i think - to see if the student who take it now, will have easier time during the year.

Haha probably not easier, but like you said - likely better prepared. Is it just a section of the entire course, or does it touch on a bit of the whole thing?

it is overview of the most important parts of anatomy - we started with upper extremity on the first day - bones , nerves with brachial plexus, muscles - this is huge - not only compartments but also function, innervation, and supply, it took 2 days.

Next was lower extremity. And we started thorax with divissions and heart. Tomorrow we are going to do lungs and later will be pelvis and head and neck with brain.

So, of course you can not learn everything but i like it , because it is only gross anatomy no histo or embryology , to get the big picture. You start from the basics and try to dig inside as much as possible. We got our Netter’s after enrolling to SOMA and we use Grays Anatomy for students and anatomy coloring book

And we get a lot of tips from upper classmates and professors.

Thats really awesome … for me constant referal to information (notecards, continually looking at the diagrams in books, etc.) the more times I see something the more it sinks in. Glad you got this opportunity!