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I am currently 22 years old and am deciding to try to fulfill my desire of being a doctor. I completed my undergrad degree in economics when I was 20. Currently I am doing MBA in a part-time program and will have finished by the time I am 24/25.

The MD field has always interested and I am thinking that I want to take a stab at it. Because my undergrad degree did not require any science classes I would have to take all the pre-reqs. I feel that I have the drive to do it and then apply to med-school.

I am confused on where I should take the pre-reqs (community college vs. the university I am doing my MBA) as well as how med-schools would look at my application. I am for sure going to complete my MBA and would be doing the pre-reqs for med school at the same time.

I would be thrilled to gain some insight from you all!

Take the pre-reqs at the 4-year University if at all possible.

Welcome to OPM! Search this site…it’s LOADED with tons of good information on the whole pre-med process.

Enjoy the ride!

Layne Tapper

Besides doing the pre-requisite classes, you also need to be prepping in less formal, but still important, ways. Such as volunteering (could be medically related or not), getting clinical experience of some sort (i.e. shadowing doctors), etc. Med schools will want to see some dedication to this field, as well as a desire to work with people – two things that aren’t evident from your background in econ / business. So you need to make sure those things “pop” from your extracurricular activities.

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