Starting Over from liberal arts

Hello everyone,

After receiving an MS in liberal arts I am returning to school after many years to follow my passion to become a doctor. With that being said does anyone know of any accelerated pre-med programs? Since I already have a master’s degree I do not qualify for any federal money to basically start over so I will have to pay for classes/books myself. Are there any funds out there for non traditional students starting a 2nd career? Any help or advice would be appreciated

Hi! I’m starting over, too, in the spring. Have you for sure checked with your financial aid office? I will receive federal grants (because I am married/have a kid) and student loans even though I’ve already got about $75K currently in Stafford loans. I don’t have any advice past that because I didn’t need other sources of funding other than try private loans. Sallie Mae is still lending private, and I had a good experience with them in my undergrad. And maybe fill out the FAFSA and beg?

Oh, and I will have my MA in December, if that helps.

Abena -

You can get $12,500 in loans for course required for professional school.

I took a condensed, 1 year post-bacc premed at UVA. As gonnif would comment, condensed post-baccs are not really recommended because they involve taking Chem or Ochem in condensed courses in the summer semester (I did O Chem) and a very demanding courseload with labs for fall and spring. So…the important thing is doing as well as possible in the courses rather than getting them super quickly.

Do to my age and my previous good academic track record, I went for it and got one B and some A minuses but on the whole it went well. YMMV. It IS an excellent program, and there are some others. 1 1/2 year or 2 year programs may be better. Plus it was barebones prereqs and someone coming from a liberal arts background like yourself should take some upper division bio courses as well.