starting pre-reqs, new city, new job potentially

I have introduced myself and I am a 26/m from Dallas. my girlfriend is a broadcast meteorologist and just got offered a job elsewhere in a larger tv market. we have been in a long distance relationship for awhile now and want to be together in the same place. she’s supportive of my wanting to go back to medical school and start a new career and will be willing to move wherever I get into medical school. I have a great job here in Dallas and make good money and can go to school at night. It looks like i’ll have to change jobs and want some advice on what would be a good career move. I have degrees in business and an MBA in Information Security. I’d like to potentially get into the healthcare arena to get some exposure. is this a good idea and what are some good careers to get a foot in the door while going to school and still making good money (50-60K) at least. thanks

I’ve never made that much money. Ever. (I’m 37.) And I won’t quite clear 50K as an intern, either. So, one thing I’d strongly suggest is considering recalibrating your financial expectations. Otherwise they are going to hem you in and prevent you from doing the adventurous and interesting kinds of things I’d suggest you do before med school. If you are needing to earn that much to pay off loans or something, then I’d say you are young: earn as much as you can as quick as you can to get the debt off your back, and then recalibrate. Otherwise there will be no way you can do some of the more interesting pre-med stuff where you’ll get good exposure.

The one half-exception is working on healthcare data issues, though this will only have you sharing a logo on your letterhead–probably won’t have you spending much time with docs. But it might be a good transition if you really do need to earn that money and don’t just think you need to. Healthcare CIOs who are also docs might be the best folks to talk to about this.

Here’s a guy who’s a leader in the field:

good luck


Hey, I shouldn’t have said that I have to have that much money right now, of course not. I do have some student loans (about $20K from grad school) but that’s nothing compared to what i’d have after medical school. I am evaluating whether or not this is truly what I want and I believe that taking some chemistry pre-reqs this summer will give me a good start and help me decide whether or not I want this career change. I also was just professionally recommended for a Navy Reserve Officer slot which I’ve been trying for years to obtain. but I’m going to pass on it to pursue my med school educational goals. I’ve taken the easy way out many times in my life and this time I want to do it right. Go for the GOLD!! improve healthcare and make an impact on other’s lives by practicing medicine. I’d say probably in the $40K range will be alright while taking pre-reqs. I’ll most likely be in the Birmingham Alabama area and I think the cost of living is less than where I am now- Dallas, TX.