Starting this fall

Well, I had no idea how I was ever going to be able to do this with my children, and then it sort of just happened. My oldest (who is 3), has to have intervention because he has a pretty serious speech delay. He’s had therapy for the past year, but they want to increase from one day a week to five. The only way we can afford the increase (it’s a little complicated) is if I go back to school and get student loans. So, pretty much I’m forced to do what I want to do anyway. I’m nervous for a lot of reasons - what if my kids need me and I’m in school? what if I take out these loans and don’t get into medical school and have loans I can’t pay back? what if, what if, what if? Doesn’t really matter, because it’s happening. I’m excited and terrified and happy and scared and a lot of things. Once classes start, I’m sure I’ll get back to my normal school-self. Until then, AAAAAHHHHHH!!! But a happy “AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!”

Lol…well I definitely know how you feel. I have the same ball of excitement and fear. I have a young child as well who I have had to stay home with when I had class because he was either sick or had a half a day. It’s what we have to do sometimes. My husband is the main provider and even though he supports me, I don’t know if he takes me seriously about my end goal–so I suppose as it comes more of a reality we will either make arrangements or he will move his schedule around.

This summer and fall I am particularly nervous about since this will be my little one’s first time in camp And, this fall I will officially be in a 4 year college…never made it this far in life, ever.

Anyway, I rambled on to say I totally get where you’re coming from and good luck!

Yay Rachel! I’m so happy for you! Jump in there and it will work out. Going back to school has changed me so much for the better I feel so fortunate, and so lucky. Going to medical school is my ultimate goal, but if that never comes to fruition, I have no regrets. Going back to school is the best thing I have done after having kids and getting married.