State Residency Status

Hi everyone. Quick question about residency status. Obviously having an “in-state” Status makes Ned shook financing a little less stressful. I know I can call every school to find out but thought this forum would give a good general overview. I have GA state residency now. If I get into a school in another state and my wife works (pays state taxes) in the state, would I be able to establish residency there and therefore qualify for in state tuition? If she had a job offer before I started would in state tuition start first year or would I have to wait till second year. Interested in what your experiences have been. Thanks!

It depends on the state. The requirements to get in-state tuition rates are different than the basic requirements to gain state residency for tax purposes. I remember reading a lot about having at least a year in the state prior to either starting classes or prior to in-state tuition kicking in, with the caveat that you can’t be in the state solely for school. With your spouse having a job, I suppose you could make your case that you followed her there. It’ll really be school/state dependent though in the end. You do have to specify a state of residency on the AMCAS/AACOMAS apps, so that might hurt you too.

As a military guy, I had to prove my residency to the state of WA in order to be considered an in-region applicant. It required some paperwork that included addresses, how long I was at said addresses, where I was registered to vote and when that happened, etc.

state universities are cheaper because of the taxes we paid to the state.

this is an interesting question if you will overflow more than 1 year into the program, when are you considered resident so that you fall into cheaper fees.

I moved to Louisiana about one year ago. I am fortunate that Louisiana’s rules for residency base the determination of residency on the date of matriculation, and not application. So, I was able to apply there as an in-state student, even though I technically wasn’t a resident by their criteria, but would be by the time I matriculated.