Step 1 Results Released

If you took Step 1 by June 23rd, the scores were released today.
I passed!
Needless to say, I’m very, very happy. I was pleased with my score. On top of that, I’m loving third year.
Now, I’m off for a nice celebratory walk and dinner with friends, and then I have to prep for tomorrow. Another day in the clinic.

Congrats! have fun tonight…

Congrats!! I guess my scores won’t be too far behind since I took it the day after you. I hope third year is going well for you. I started with surgery and I’ve been keeping some pretty brutal hours (4a/7-8p). Keep us informed about what you’re up to.
Cacth ya later,

Congrats!!! That must be a real relief. Enjoy your 3rd year.

Congrats on passing Step 1!!! Have good time this evening.


Thanks, everyone
Tara, my understanding is they release the scores on Wednesdays. I was just lucky that the day I took it just squeaked into the group that were released yesterday. Our administrators knew our scores by noon. So you should know yours next week. I’m sure it will be good news