Step 2 CK

Okay, any ideas/advice appreciated. I am having the hardest time studying (after no exams all 4th year) and doing questions. I have 1st Aid for Step 2, Secrets, and USMLE world for questions. So far I have been scoring pretty low on the questions ranging from 34-50% with an average right now of 40% (only have done about maybe 350 questions so far). I took a practice NBME and did very poorly, nowhere near passing. I have “just” started studying for this BTW, so I have not reviewed a lot of sections so far. Any advice? I have two weeks left to study but can potentially postpone the exam IF the need arises. Thanks.

I just want to “pass” btw, not ace it.


You’ve been so helpful around here, efex, I wish I could help. At the very least, I’ll say good luck with it! From what I understand, I have a strong suspicion that you’ll end up doing quite well.

I know, I need some feedback from “normal” folks that are not getting 99% (like on another forum). I am just needing to pass to be honest, but with these abismal scores (or so I think) it is hard to even focus. I am studying by reading through FA and Secrets, but there is a LOT to know. I hope some fourth years or interns can chime in. Thanks!

I know what you mean. I have scheduled COMLEX 2 for early June, and have already began reviewing in any spare time I can find. For me, the good thing is I will have a full month off before the exam in which I can do a little more concentrated study.

The only advice I have is to stick with what you’re doing. Keep doing questions and keep using your resources. If you wanted to add another, the one that was recommended to me was Boards and Wards.

Good luck! I know you will do fine.

So glad I am past those damned exams & never had to sit for the BS Step 2b crap. Of course, I have written anesthesia board in Aug (> 10% failure rate) and then oral board sometime in 2009 (33% failure rate!!!). A year after that, my critical care boards.

Anesth written = $1000

Anesth oral = $2000

Critical Care = $1200

I can feel your pain right through my wallet!