Step 2

I just got home from spending some time in the ED. While this is not my rotation, the EM club sets up opportunities for students to be in the ED and either shadow or learn.

More importantly, I was able to rub elbows with the residency director who already knows who I am. I was able to discuss with him my board score, which I am not happy with but at least I passed.

Well he gave me a number and that is my goal. On the other hand, I put in my first IV and worked on putting in an NG tube.

All in all, a very successful time.


“Gave you a number?” for Step II? Shelf??

I hate putting in NG tubes…did you use viscous lidocaine, premedicate with aerolized lidocaine,…although it still hurts, those things are supposed to help a little…

Re: IV’s learn everything you can…you will have lots of times where the nurse will come to you and tell you “no one” can get an IV on someone. I hear this more and more with graduate nurses taking over in my Emergency Department. Most people do not need central lines, and if you can learn to use the ultrasound machine to access a peripheral IV, you will be The Man. I would rather do that than deal with the potential complications of putting in a central line.

Another good skills to master, ABGs, femoral straight sticks, central lines (probably will not get that opportunity as a student), …


Emergency Medicine

Yuck-- better you guys than me! I hate procedures-- love to round. Much prefer talking and planning and talking and brainstorming and talking.

Yay, procedures!! And, kudos to your EM club! I’m missing my pre-hospital work right now. We are starting first year rotations in about a week, but I don’t think taking histories all afternoon is going to be quite as stimulating.