Stony Brook University Medical School

What do people know about this medical school? How hard is it to get in. If I took most of my pre-med courses @ a community college, after graduating from a prestigious undergraduate college, and my average was a 3.7, and I am shooting for an MCAT score around 30- what are the odds? Do people get in with lower MCAT scores?

I’ve heard horror-stories about U.S. med schools only accepting the 4.0/40 MCAT students WITH RESEARCH EXPERIENCE. I have some research experience (but mostly in the plant sciences…). I guess I’m wondering if pre-med GPA counts more than overall GPA from your primary undergraduate institution, or if “name recognition” plays a big part in acceptance to medical school. Fill in the gaps, people!

Hi. You need to contact Stony Brook directly. I saw on that someone with a 3.66 and a 29 MCAT was accepted. Don’t be scared that’s what they are there for. Their site looks fabulous and they immediately say to call them if you have any questions. My 1st choice med school doesn’t publish their stats on their site, but, in a brochure they said that their entering students had a 3.67 gpa and a 30 on the MCAT’s. That’s average. So, some will be higher and others lower. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Call! Best wishes.

DG, what I would suggest that you do is not to do your prereqs at a CC if you have gotten your bachelors degree. I have nothing against CCs since I will have completed all of my prereqs there, but I don’t have my bachelors yet and these classes are required before I transfer into my 4-yr university where I would take advanced science classes.

As for SUNY Stony Brook, it is a good medical school, but I don’t believe that a 4.0/40 MCAT is required for admission…it is associated with a lot of research, so having research in your ECs would be a pro. Have you checked into SDN and looked at the Stony Brook Forum? You’ll probably get an idea of what kind of stats that many admitted students have.