Student loans for degree programs overseas?

Hey everyone,
Does anyone know if it is possible to get US federal loans (Stafford or Perkins) or even private loans if you are planning to attend a degree program in another country? I know some OPMers are in the UK so I thought I might get some helpful hints here. Is the process of getting loans like that complicated?
I’m planning to apply to the school of public health at the University of Sydney, Australia. If I get in I’m hoping to go between 2nd and 3rd year, but I could never afford it on my own.
I also guess I’d need the tuition money in July–that’s when the semester starts in Australia. But that’s also close to the end of the financial and academic year here. By July I’d be maxed out on loans for that year and normally wouldn’t qualify again til September. I wonder if you can get government loans back to back like that? (Can you tell I am aiming to be the world’s most indebted med student?)
Thanks in advance if anyone has suggestions!

The key would be to get Cornell credit for the experience. If you could be enrolled in med school in the US while taking classes in Australia (a la study abroad programs) you could pull this off.

Joe’s right (wright, LOL), otherwise you’re just an international student. My UK school is an “offshore” school from Senegal and all loans are private, credit-based loans. If you enter as an international student you cannot get loans. I don’t know much about the Cornell program but thats likely your best bet.