Stupid question alert!

SO…on the MSAR there is a requirement for Biology and there is a requirement for Biology/Zoology

What does this mean? That If I took biology I can only apply to the schools that have a bio requirement. What if I took a zoology I and II, then does that mean I can not apply to schools that only have a Biology requirement???

I’m lost…or tired…or both…

Terminology is just hold over from days when colleges used term zoology for courses or major which essentially meant biology minus plants/botany.

So for purposes of MSAR/Med Schools it shouldnt make a difference

No need to worry. Medical schools are looking for a “big” bio and a “little” bio with genetics component. The vast majority of undergrads and post-bacs who offer intro Bio 1 and 2 fulfill this requirement. As Mr. Levy has stated, the terminology is outdated and confusing.

Good luck!

Each medical school’s requirements are listed in the MSAR; be sure to check individual requirements for the specifics. The CA schools, for example, generally require more biology courses than others. For specific course requirements at each school, look in the MSAR. If it’s not clear, contact the schools to see if your courses will suffice. Sometimes exceptions to the rules are made.

I hope this helps!