Summer 2013 Update


Spring 2013 is complete with the following classes, credit hrs and grades in.

Inorganic Chem II +lab


Anatomy & Physiology I +lab-4--A

Medical Terminology



CNA Class
7 --A

Total of 24 hours completed for Spring and still holding a 4.0 since returning to school after a 15 year hiatus.

This takes me to 53 hours earned. Not all of everything I have done will transfer to my planned 4 year university (CNA, Paramedic Class ect).

That being said, I estimate about 57 more hours of classes will get me everything I need to transfer off and have all the core stuff completed. The school I am looking at going to only requires 42 hours of 120 to be completed on their campus. Works out pretty well since I am a tuition waivered employee of the college I currently attend.

I had been tossing around the idea of branching into Nursing for a while so I took the entrance exam for the nursing program at school and did extremely well on it. Applied to the program and was even accepted and then really got to questioning why I would want to delay myself even more.

After a conversation with a good friend and former student of mine who is in the process of taking his MCAT, I realized that I would never be happy as a nurse and I should just keep forging ahead.

Summer 2013 is looking like A&P II and music appreciation.

Fall will start my Organic Chemistry I/II cycle and I am still undecided on how much of a course load to take on.

Considering going lighter(12-15 hrs) and focusing on Organic Chemistry and doing very well in it.

Thoughts and feedback are always welcome!


Thoughts are you rock! Feedback is keep doing what you’re doing, it’s definitely working. Your plan for fall sounds good with O Chem.

You are doing great mate. Keep it up.

Great academic work, but I’d suggest you review general chemistry before taking Orgo.

Congratulations–you should feel extremely proud of this victory!

*I think it’s wise to lighten your load a bit when taking on Organic. It’s a different animal… and the labs take up far more time than the general chemistry ones did (at least at my school.)

Best of luck!

Thanks for the kind words and advice.

I was recently given the entire video lecture series from the Organic Chemistry 1 &2 classes of a major University here in Illinois. All total just over 3 gigs of video similar to something like Khan Acadamy. I plan on spending the summer reviewing those as well as some Gen Chem material.