Summer class DONE : )

Summer classes are over and grades are in. Despite studying for finals in the car on the 17 hour drive from Chicago to cape cod for a friends wedding I held on to my A in cell bio : )

My post bacc gpa is really starting to look better than after the first semester (3.08 to 3.56) so I am beginning to feel just the slightest bit more confident… I have a long way to go but I am really really hoping I will be able to put all the hard earned lessons into practice and hold on to this nice upward trend! Now I get a few days off to plan my wedding and reorganize the closet and then I think its probably time to start in on MCAT stuff before Ochem takes over my life in the fall.

Just wanted to share : )

Yay Mallory! I’m glad to hear about your grade in Cell Bio.

And I know about your first semester blues

Keep up the momentum in your studies fo sho.

Thanks!!! I actually had a pretty great second semester too but after the summer class ended I felt like the first year was sort of over and I could take a moment to reflect on what I learned from my frustrations in the beginning and be pleased with my little bits O success : )

Did you start this last section of summer classes or the next? Hope things are going well!!!


Yes I did. I really like my teachers so far, even though it’s been less than a week in so far. My chem teacher from last semester was no fun, holy cow.

I think this semester will be a lot better!

Thanks for asking!

Hey, are you taking anything else with O.C. next semester?