Summer/Fall Registration anyone?

My school has their schedule out for fall now. Of course they are conspiring against me. Bio 2 is only offered during the day in the fall and not offered at all in the summer. So,I will have to have the difficult conversation with my boss and make my plans public at work. This is actually a better schedule, other than having to share my plans with work. I won’t have to cram 10 hours of coursework with Bio and Ochem 1 in at night, and I’ll have open nights to do homework & study. Holy Cow. I just realized it’s 10 hours of coursework.

I just hope that work will let me stay full time with irregular hours rather than go part time, and I hope our work load picks up before I have to do this. . .

I am glad that my school isn’t the only college that is conspiring against me. I swear they schedule things when they know I can’t take them.

Mine too… they ONLY offer Science classes during the day!!

This is only a problem for me in the summer, the fall schedule isn’t out for us yet. And I haven’t had any problems in the previous fall and spring semester, but I have heard from other students that the summer schedule always tends to be lacking. I’m just hoping I can convince my boss that it’s OK for me to take 3 hour lunches everyday so I can take Chemistry!

Rhonda - let me know how that goes with the boss. I’ll need some tips come mid-July. . .Yes, I’ll put it off as long as possible!

To make things worse, it’s review/raise time, and and my boss was hinting last week that I would be “pleased” with the results. That just makes me feel guilty. . .of course, if they are happy with me, I guess I have a better position to negiotiate a weird schedule. . .I spend way too much time worrying.

Sorry to hear about you guys’ troubles. Our schedule comes out on Friday and I’m hoping for the best!!!

Ugh…my boss just pulled me into his office this morning to tell me how awesome I am doing and to once again tell me how he thinks that I’d be such an awesome attorney. Well that is wonderful except for the 2165431651th time I don’t want to be an attorney!

Happier note though, my bio professor told me this morning that the exercise he gave us over Spring Break he was almost through grading and that he was done with mine and that I didn’t make a single mistake with my translating all my DNA’s!! WOOHOO! I know it’s just Gen. Bio. and I have a long way to go, but I am so psyched!

I Love this place for the support. I was just SO happy to get my approval letter from the local State University, and now I found out that I don’t even know where to run for advice! I don’t even know where to find the schedule and the dates for new student orientation are full already - they started getting people registered for orientation on MArch 2nd, but just sent my approval letter on the 20Th!!! There’s got to be a conspiracy.