Summer Quarter 09 Booked / Half Way Through Prereqs ... Holy Crap

Greetings All,

I thought I’d drop by for an update and see how everyone is doing. Looks like we’ve gotten some new members lately who are going to be running the marathon with us. Awesome.

Well, it’s hard to believe that last year I had just created my account and started asking questions about the process. As I type this message, I am officially half way through the prereqs. Gen Chem and Bio are complete. No grades yet but I’m pretty sure that after grades get cut I’ll have a B or B+ in Chem 123 (not ecstatic about this one considering the amount of time I put into this class) and a solid A in Bio 114.

If I figure those into my other prereq grades, I think I ended up with an A- average for Bio and a B+ average for Gen Chem.

This quarter I got a chance to volunteer at Rhodes Hall on the OR floor. I spent a lot of my time working with surgical techs and delivering case carts from the sterilization room. Nothing super exciting but every once in awhile I got to peak into the rooms to see the different procedures going on. OSU has these little robots that deliver case carts from a central sterilization room to the OR floor. Picture a poor mans version of the robot that says ‘Danger Will Robinson’ but with a female voice and that’s what we’ve got. The nurses hate them.

With the 3 weeks of Summer that I have I hope to get some more time scheduled shadowing in the OR and sitting in on some Da Vinci Robotic Surgical Procedures. Time to start cutting my teeth on O-Chem and Physics before the madness starts in the Fall.

Affirm Thy Friendship!


I wondered where you went. Congrats on the half way mark!!! I bookmarked your blog.

Thanks Kim,

I’ll try to get it updated over the break.