Summer update

Summer classes are done! Everyone told me that taking Organic Chem 2 (with lab) and Genetics over a 5-week summer session was a bad idea. Having just done it, I can see where they were coming from. It wasn’t fun, and I studied my rear end off (and still didn’t perform as good as I would have liked). My wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 7 days before summer classes were over, which distracted from study time a bit. However, I made all A’s (I think I benefited from some curving in Orgo, because my test scores weren’t all that great).

So, these classes should complete all of my prerequisites. I did 33 hours worth in the past year, making a 4.0 all the way through! Also during that time, I was working part-time, keeping up with a toddler, and helping my wife through a rough pregnancy. I also got my EMT license, studied for and took the MCAT (got a 32!).

I’m going to be starting to scribe in the ER of one of the local hospitals soon, and I’m looking for other full-time employment opportunities to take my through my glide year(s) these days.

Just need to submit my application (and still have to police up a few LoR writers) and see how it goes.

Keep your head up everyone, and keep going strong!

Congratulations on all counts! You give everyone hope that it can be done!

Very impressive! Congratulations and all the best luck and wishes to you and your family!

I took precalc online class over 4 weeks, it was a bad idea. I did OK with tests but didn’t do well on final, ran out of time. Lots of unfamiliar material to me in a little bit of time.Also studied my rear off. The final grades aren’t posted yet, the best I can hope for is B. Hope I can do better with fall classes over 16 weeks.

Congrats, Bennard! Sounds like med school will be a piece of cake based on all that you were juggling while taking your premed classes. Good luck with your application!