Sunday I start w/ EMS

I’m not official yet or anything, but they said I could ride along in the ambulance and observe and ask any questions I had until they set my training up…which they are paying for entirely. Nice huh?

I get some hands on experience, and I get some free training. I meet with the Chief sometime before Sunday and I sit the Sunday night rotation until midnight. I’m kind of excited.

congrats on the unofficial new gig. . .sounds like a great experience!

It is. They are really flexible here too. Said even if I don’t get the official training any time I want to ride along I can to observe and ask questions. I start training in April. Before then they get me re certified in CPR. I’m meeting with the cheif to get the sexy EMS uniform hehe and they are issuing a radio for me to be able to know when EMS is needed.

I feel so needed. (insert cheesey grin here)

So, I just got back from the official sign the HIPAA forms get the uniform meeting.

For now I get to ride along and observe, ask questions and learn as I go. Weee!

In anycase, back to forms and fun stuff. He pulls out the radio that must be on any time I’m home and available, and is explaining how to set it up and what will happen and he says “you’ll hear a beep and someone will say something like, 209 (insert street name here), possible fall”. All of a sudden the pager beeps and calls out a diff number but the exact same street and breathing problems. So he says wanna come? Sure why not. Hubby had just called and said he was leaving for the doctor with our 5 year old without me anyway so I had 2 hours before I had to pick up the 8 year old from school. So into the ambulance I go where we enter a home w/ an elderly person and I sort of stood out of the way so as not to hinder things. Apparently I looked official or something because the family member started handing me medical cards and prescriptions and stuff lol. I just hung onto them while the guys took vitals and passed them off to the EMT that arrived on the scene after us since he would be going to the actual hospital. They offered to let me ride along in the bus, but with our hospitals all being about an hour away, it would have been a 2 hour trip and I wouldn’t have been home in time for the kids. Nothing real exciting to report. No one died. No blood guts or gore. Just a standard run. But it was nice to get my feet wet.

We got back to a complete tour of the second ambulance so I would know where things were, and an official jacket so now I’m important or something.

My official first night on call is Sunday, but I’m told I can go on any runs I’m free for this weekend. I may catch one or two, just to learn some more, but it depends on the littles.

Oh, and the 5 year old…has strep.