Surgery is over I am home!

Had an extensive septoplasty/rhinoplasty today - all went well & I am now home. I feel like a mule kicked me in the head, but the oxycodone tabs make me not care that I feel like a mule kicked me in the head.

Chat with all soon!

Feel better soon, Dave… and not just from the oxycodone ;).

Glad everything went well! I hope your recovery is quick!

You know Dave if you ever get short of $$$$ you can always sell some of your oxycodone on the street!

Don’t you love oxycodone at times like this, Dave? And if that’s not available, hydrocodone’s not a bad second. BUT. . .the best feeling of all is when suddenly you realize ibuprofen is enough!

Recover quick!

Heh… Try not to turn into Gregory House, MD {misanthropic dilettante}!