Surprising feelings on not getting in (yet!)

Just before I opened that too-thin envelop after interview, I literally wondered how much at risk I was, and if I should find a therapist to handle not getting in. I was flooded with all sorts of emotion on finding I was waitlisted, but out of the muck I found some surprising goodness.
One of my first thoughts was “Thousands of good, admirable people don’t get in. I am a good person no matter what”. Shortly thereafter came a tiny, tiny, tinge of relief! I thought: Now I can learn the way I want, instead of the way I needed to: I’m a generalist, not a detail person, but I still believe there’s room for me in medicine–it’s just that detail-oriented stuff is painful for me.
I even splurged on my fav veggies & fruits & cheeses at Whole Foods, instead of the expected drowning-of-sorrows-in-chocolate behaviour.
I still can’t imagine doing anything but medicine, and will take the year to make my app better & reapply next year.

If you’re waitlisted, the game is not over. Be sure to contact them and let them know that you are interested in their school and in their program, and stay in contact to let them know you are sincere. Show a positive outlook each time you contact them. Break up the contact - phone, email, snail mail - just do not over do it so that you become a pain to them.
Good luck.

I agree - Don’t give up hope for this year yet. You never know how much the waitlists will move. I heard rumor of one school that went through their entire waitlist to fill all of their spots. (Don’t know if that’s true or not) I do know that my TA for organic chemistry last year got in off a waitlist in July last year with a 24 MCAT.
Good luck!!

Yes, it’s easy to become discouraged after receiving rejection letters. Many of us have been there. I’d be happy to show you the stack of rejection letters I have kept throughout the years as a reminder of the grueling application process. One of the top students in my med school class tried for 5 years, yes, 5 years, before he was accepted. The good news is that it only takes 1 acceptance letter or phone call for the sun to break through the clouds and for your adventure to begin. Keep at it and your offer will come. It only requires that you keep pursuing it!