Taking a LOA from school... what to do this semester, need advice!

Hello Everyone,


Monday afternoon, the day before I was supposed to start my pre-reqs my husband's company announced a reduction in forces and his job was eliminated. He is an IT Application Architect and should not have too much trouble finding a job. He was just too expensive for his current company.

Since I hadn't officially started my program yet, I decided that it was in my best interest to drop the classes that I had registered for and take a leave of abscence from school for Spring 09. Though, I may have been able to make it work... I feared that I might have to leave mid-semester (relocation, longer commute, possible return to work???) and didn't want to risk a semester of W's and the financial loss. I have some GPA damage control to do and didn't want any additional flags on my transcript.

I am hoping to now get started this summer or possibly in the fall. I have been a SAHM for the last 8 years and I was just starting on my journey into medicine. This semester, I plan to continue volunteering at the hospital and I was thinking that I would try and get a part time job. Other than living on the SDN boards (j/k) Can anyone else think of anything productive that I can do to better my chances in this time? Should I consider taking the CNA class and trying to work a shift or 2 once classes start in the fall?? Any must read books you can think of??? Anything???

I was SOOO gung ho and ready to get started, I want to keep this momentum going!Thanks for any guidance and suggestions. Best of luck to the rest of you!!

You sound like you already have a ton of great ideas…the volunteering, the CNA idea (that would help on 2 areas) you’d get money and access to patients. What is SDN by the way???


SDN is the Student Doctor Network…

Basically SDN is like OPM, except the average age of the people on there is much younger, the responses are usually more immature and inflammatory, and there are more responses since there are more people on there.

www.studentdoctor.net is the address.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of great advice on there. Just ignore everything that comes from someone who is classified as Pre-med…if they’re a medical student, resident, fellow or attending then you’re probably ok. The caveat of course is that there will always be info that you may not agree with or think is accurate, regardless of the source.

Thanks, I checked it out and I think I’ll stick with OPM!

Thanks guys for your responses… I think I am freaking, because I had a plan and now I have hit a hurdle. I just want to make sure that I am doing everything I can to stay on track and keep motivated.

I have to agree the tone of the conversations is “more mature” as compared to the pre-allopathic board at SDN that is why I always stick to the Non-traditional board. The pre-allopathic will make your head spin. The non-trads have a lot of good info there though.