Taking a Summer Break

Okay it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything so I’ll give my stats. I’m 35 working as a Program Manager for a software project. Was chosen for the job not based on my degree (I don’t have one) but because I’m well respected in a paticular community. Needless to say great living, great money, blah, blah, blah. Can’t keep thinking about being an MD. Yes debated the PA option but found this site and realized I AM NOT TO OLD!!!

I’ve been going to school at a CC taking 9-12 per semester. Yeah I know what they say about CC but it’s the only thing here! Been doing that for 5 semesters now. Needless to say traveling 3 weeks a month, lugging school books everywhere, and trying to stay with 9-12 hours has taken it’s toll. I found a new wrinkle today UGH! I’m taking a break this summer to finish the house remodeling so I can offload it or at least rent it SOON and move on to university. Also I look forward to attending the conference!!!

What do you guys do when you start to “question” what you are thinking by starting this journey? I’m wondering what makes everyone put it all in perspective?

One class at a time; one test at a time.

When my anxiety level kicks into over-drive, I take it one homework problem at a time.

As much as I can, I keep my eye on the immediate prize, fulling knowing what I ultimately need to do (notice “need” not want).

Thanks! I guess I just needed a kick in the head to remind me to eat the elephant one bite at a time!