taking children on this trip!

Hi to all out there! Thank you for the web site and the postings…it helps to know that there are others with the same anxieties.
I am 30(please dont tell rolleyes.gif ) and have a 2 year old, who will be almost 4 when/if i get in…
actually i am going dental, and there is not an oldpredent website.
i am single and am scared about how you juggle all the studing and spending time with your child.
My son is very intense!
if anyone is out there with a toddler to pre-school age child that started med school, how did you do it, how are you doing it?
i appreciate any input on this!
this site is so great!

Hi, there! I am a first year med student and have three boys - 3, 5 and 8 years old. Of course everything that I'm about to say is based upon the fact that my wife has been completely supportive of this adventure and does more than her share (way more) to make it possible.
That said, I haven't found the first year to be as bad as I had feared when it comes to spending time with my sons. I get up early and drive to school to be there by 7:30 (it's an hour's drive) so that I can study from 7:30 until 9:00. I study through lunch as well. When I get home, usually around 4:00, I spend the 4 hours until bedtime with the boys and then study for an hour or two after they are down.
I usually try to spend a good chunk of either Saturday or Sunday, but not both unless I have an exam on Monday, studying. The rest of the time is spent just being Dad.
From all that I've heard, things will get a tighter next year, but I'm relieved so far that my kids still recognize my face despite my being in school. Plus I have this summer off and have decided to spend the time with the boys and my wife rather than doing the resume building stuff that a lot of my younger classmates will be doing. We'll see how that plays when it comes time to interview for residencies, but I think it's a defensible decision.
Best of luck!