Taking last pre medical requisite at a different summer university

Hi everyone

I just wanted to run this bye the group.
I have biochemistry as my last requisite abd was given the chance to take it out of state. I had chosen to do this path but then was given the opportunity to work in a lab locally specializing in my disease of interest (that affects my community and family) and which sparked me to my path to medicine.

I decided to take biochemistry locally too due to this but found out 3 days in that my organic requisites are not accommodating to the campus and I would be withdrawn unless I took their other requisite course too at the same time (I have a full year of organic but it includes a lecture and lab class one of the semesters.) I don’t feel comfortable taking a crucial class that I will demonstrate mastery and proficiency in (organic two lecture), if required, in such a short span.

I am moving forward with taking biochemistry north and will make every sacrifice to display my competencies and excel with an A.

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome!