Taking the MCAT after graduation?

I work full time and go to school full time. This leaves no time to study for an MCAT.
If I were to wait until after finishing my bachelors to study and take the MCAT, will my application appear on the next “What Not to Do” list or should that be okay?

Wackie -
You have to do what is best for you and what will allow you to do the best you can on the MCAT the FIRST time you take it. If you honestly feel that you can’t devote sufficient time to MCAT study while in school, I personally don’t see anything wrong with waiting until after you graduate.
Obviously, you need to consider some factors - are you okay with the extra time that waiting to take the MCAT will cost you in the application cycle? If you are shooting for an August MCAT, are you okay with spending a lot of money to submit your applications before knowing how you did on the MCAT? You might also consider that prepping while in school might not be as difficult/time consuming as later because the subjects are fresher in your mind. That being said, it is still better to wait to take the MCAT than to take it unprepared.
Again, you only want to take this test once. But - there are different ways of prepping. I spent most of my prep time on the format, length and style of the test and not so much on subject matter because I had taken all of the courses within the past year. Some people need to spend time reviewing the subject material in addition to the format because it has been a couple of years since they took gen chem or gen bio.
You might also consider taking one of the free, full-length MCAT’s on the AAMC’s website and seeing how you do. This can also give you valuable information on how much prep time you will need and how to focus your energies.

Wackie, I have to say I thank the lord every day that I waited till August. It really really helped to have a summer with no classwork and only MCAT prep.

Well, all things being equal, earlier is better. However, being well-prepared is the most important factor, and if that is in August, that’s probably when you want to take it.