Taking the plunge ...

I introduced myself on the board back when I first joined OPM a couple of months ago, and I’ve been reading a lot, but haven’t posted much of my own.

So a little re-introduction: I live in Chicago, I’m 28 and married, have a BS in journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and I want to be a doctor. (Well, that last part is pretty obvious, right?! )

I’ve been debating the decision for some time. I finally made up my mind.

And today I officially submitted my application for admission to a nearby post baccalaureate program!

Obviously, there are different ways to go about doing your pre-reqs, but this is how I’ve decided to do it, and I’m just thrilled at having taken this first step. The best part is, I’ve already interviewed with the head of the program, and he told me that with my undergrad GPA (3.9) I’m practically a shoo-in, as long as I get my application in before the program fills up. (That sure got me motivated!)

Anyway, just feeling a bit excited, and wanted to share the news with a group of people who could relate.


Congratulations! I am sure that you will do very well in your studies! Also, I know exactly what you mean about being excited regarding that first step. I’m in the process of applying to a post bacc program myself. It truly is energizing to realize the journey we are about to take towards a career that will significantly and tangibly impact the lives of so many others. As older, non-traditional students, I feel that we have a lot to offer the medical profession. Our quest to become a physician has been tempered by life experiences that will serve to benefit our patients and colleagues.