The 2.4 Situation

I have recently returned to school after not being in school for 1.5 yrs.

I left with 6 classes left to graduate because my business that I had started since my freshmen year in high school started taking off… And my grades showed it. First 2 semesters in college 3.75 gpa-- next 3 years of college were a blur!

Good news: I recently cashed out of my business and found my new calling in medicine when I shadowed a local Anesthesiologist Bad News: I have to try to undo 3 yrs of trouble to get into medical school. I majored in Marketing so I will be focusing on just finishing my degree, and then will be taking all of the science pre-requ’s required at a local CC.

I was also advised to get a job at the hospital/volunteer— looking for different jobs now.

I pretty much know that I am out of the ball park for Med-School in the US and will having to apply in the Caribbean— maybe??