The BEAST [MCAT] has been vanquished!

Alright OPMers, I know many of you endured a battle of wits with the beast today. Let us all know how you feel.
By the way, my hat is off to all of you for even taking the stinking thing!

Ok - I’ll be the first to comment!
I’m happy I got over with this thing. Although I took 5 practice practored tests with Kaplan + 6 others on my own nothing can really prepare you for the real thing. The practice tests were always done at 3:45 or so…(when I took them on my own even faster, because didn’t take a full hour break for lunch)…here we started our biological sciences section at 3:40 which means that we weren’t done until 5:20…After all those hours, mainly due to all the formalities, it was hard for me to stay seated in my place, not even mention any sort of mental activity! Good thing that I don’t have problems finishing bio…b/c I could afford reading one sentence 3 or 4 times toward the end of the test and still managed to finish.
Another thing…a window of the room I took my test in was overlooking a pond and it was drizzling all day long. Guess what? - all the frogs in the whole town of Rockville, MD came to this pond and gave a concert!!! It was just unbearable at some points…
I have no clue how I did. It happened to me that I was happy with my practice test, and my score was awfull, it also happened that I wasn’t too thrilled and my score turned out OK. Therefore I have no clue! I guess Biology was the easiest, and it was hardly any orgo in there!!! Good! Physical sciences were ok…and verbal was…hard! It was really hard. Ususally I did OK on verbal, but this time I didn’t finish! I answered questionst to last passage without reading…we’ll see! maybe it will get me in somewhere! I really woudn’t like to have to take this test again!

Now that my brain function has begun to return to normal I can now comment.
The day before the test I scoped out the test site. I have never been to NYU so I needed to know exactly where I was going. If you have never been to lower Manhatten you can get lost just by making a left hand turn. The grid that everyone is familiar with does NOT exist below 14th street.
Anyway, I planned on which parking deck I was going to stash my car, where I was going to eat lunch, and I spoke to the guard regarding if there were bathrooms on every floor and about the temperature in the room and what the procedure is for the day.
We were given our seats at around 8:15 and started the test around 8:40. We took our lunch around 1pm. EVeryone was quiet. Finally, after the biology section was completed and we walked out a great big sigh was lifted.
Although I felt like I could not think for the rest of the day, after getting some sleep I felt better.
I am glad that I practiced my timing. This is a marathon and you need to get yourself used to sitting for long periods of time concentrating intensely.

When I battled with that bastard in 1998, I planned to drink to excess & generally celebrate afterward. In fact, I splurged - and $$ was tight - on a bottle of my favorite scotch (Glenlevit 18y/o special reserve) and planned to dispose of the preponderance of it that evening. I was so mentally & physically exhausted that I poured 1 toddy, took a few sips & sat on the couch staring blankly at the TV until the ice melted. Than, I arose, placed my drink in the fridge & announced I was going to bed - end of celebration.
Needless to say, after some recouperation, I did manage to drink my celebratory scotch…

That’s a great story, OMD. I have to be honest and say that I don’t remember what I did after I finished the MCAT. I think I was kind of in a daze…I do remember going to my friend’s office after we finished (I took the test on campus, and my friend is a physics prof) to ask him about some physics questions I wasn’t sure about. He told me that I had gotten them right, which made me feel pretty excited, because physics had been one of the banes of my existence. But after that…blank. Geez, it’s scary, but I really DON’T remember what I did for the rest of that day!

I was really happy with my testing location (Embassy Suites hotel in lower Manhattan) - the proctors were funny, friendly and fast. They also thought I looked like Demi Moore, which is never a bad thing. We were out of there by 5:00. It was never too warm (although some people thought it was when the A/C kicked out in the afternoon) or too cold and we had plenty of space.
When I first opened the test I completely flipped out. I was convinced I didn’t understand what I was reading, and when I finally calmed down about halfway through the physical sciences section, I realized I just didn’t have enough time to finish. If I have to retake this test, it’s most likely because of my score here.
The verbal reasoning section was easier than the practice tests, I thought, which probably means I did poorly. I made it through a record passage 6 without feeling like my brain was one of those eggs from the 80s drugs ads.
I brought my lunch, so I was able to go to the gym next store for a quick 20 minute run during the break and still have time to eat. I really needed to clear my head after the long morning.
The writing section, which I never really bothered to practice much, felt like a really nice break, and I had fun with it. It was nice to have a section that I didn’t have to stress about.
The biological science section was okay. I felt like I was a little weaker than I should have been, but there was relatively little orgo and I finished early enough to be able to review a bunch of questions.
I honestly have NO idea how I did, and I have a really bad feeling about the whole thing. I’m pretty much expecting that I’ll have to take it again in August.
One other thing - it was a total shock how young everyone was! I’ve been taking evening courses at Hunter College and there’s a pretty good balance of post-baccs. I’m pretty sure the only post-baccs in that room were myself and one other guy sitting in the corner.