The EK way - my way

Here’s the thing - the books are set up not to be done sequentially, but to be done in Parallel - as if you were taking a review class. Also, the quizzes are designed to teach you additional concepts - don’t be concerned if you don’t “know” the material from the text - learn from the quiz. The 30 min exams are also on the harder side - you won’t find the MCAT-ish mix of hard/easy so much. So don’t let the exam scores deflate you - use them to learn style and pace (23Q in 30Min= MCAT pace for all sections). Use the AAMC full lengths to gauge your progress.
I used them like this: Over a 10 week study period (no longer) - timed to “peak” with the last chapters the week before the MCAT -
Mon: Off - had a night lab
Tue-Fri - about 2 hrs study per night as follows:
Tues: 1 Bio Chapter
Wed: 1 Physics Chapter
Thu: 1 Gchem Chapter
Fri: 1 Verbal or Ochem Chapter
On the night for a subject:
1) Listen to AO at my desk, while following along in the text.
2) Read the text in detail, doing the quizzes.
3) 10 min break
4) Take the 30min chapter test
5) Score the test, review the right and wrong answers.
On the weekends:
1) Preread the 4 chapters for the next week - without doing the quizzes, just to preview the materials
2) Work passages from either the AAMC Practice Materials or from AAMC Practice test II and III - about 3 passages per subject - making about 1.5-2 hrs of “homework” assignments - plus scoring the tests, reviewing the right and wrong answers and why they are right or wrong.
On Saturdays, took full length EK #2D, AAMC IV, V, VI, spaced on alternate weeks, ending with AAMC VI on the Saturday before the MCAT.

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your feedback on how you used these books. I did realize the concept that these books were to be used in parallel, however, as they are sold separately I thought I would comment on them individually in case anyone felt like acquiring just some for areas they felt they were weak in. In addition I guess I still feel that though most of them are done pretty well for working in parallel the Gen Chem one really is the poorer cousin of the set, as it’s references to Physics chapters were never to the ‘parallel’ Physics chapter, but usually ones far in advance. I felt that the quick quizzes in the other books did try and stretch your understanding beyond what was covered - but that basically if you thought about it and had read the chapter you could always get the answer. Not so with the Gen Chem edition which really did just throw in some questions out of context that would have been fine placed in later chapters where the material was covered. I do think it’s a good idea to get the Gen Chem book if you are using it in tandem with audio osmosis but on its own I think it is a poor gen chem review text. I think the difference in care that was taken in the Gen Chem book is evident right down to the first page which begins “This book will teach you all the ORGANIC Chemistry you will need for the MCAT”. None of the other books have such silly errors. I found lots in the Gen Chem one, and was disappointed as other than that I think they produce an excellent product.
Has anyone tried the 1001 Question books?