The end is in sight!

So here we go, guys… the semester is coming to an end, and I couldn’t be happier!

Yesterday morning, I recorded my very last data point in physics lab. ForEVER. Man, that felt good. Last night, I took my OrgoII Lab final. THAT felt even better.

Labs are done… One more week of class and then finals the following week. Then, just like that, as quickly as it began? My pre-req phase is O-V-E-R. Finito.

We got this, guys. Home stretch! Good luck as you cross the finish line of this semester, regardless of what chapter you’re in. Shots all around!!

Congrats Carrie, I know it feels good to get the requirements out of the way.

Congrats! You deserve a day off. Good luck studying for MCAT!

Congrats! Good luck!

Congrats!! I just did my last physics lab this week, too, and it feels awesome. I am in my final semester also taking orgo lab, physics II and physiology. Phew, the end is near.

When you taking the MCAT?

I’m following you by a year, carrieliz. I cannot wait until this time next year when I have my prereqs done, too. I still have some time after that to finish up my Bio degree, but I think it will be smooth sailing once the MCAT is out of the way. Best of luck on the MCAT coming up for you!

Thanks guys–it’s an exciting time, to be sure. Actually, 7 days from now? I should be in the middle of the verbal section of the MCAT. Taking it next Saturday at 1pm…

I’m not ready…but I’m ready… if that makes any sense. Lots of pressure, but I need to get the thing over with.

Congrats, everyone–one more check off the list!

Good luck! And please drop a line when you are done and let us know how it went. With physics and orgo fresh in your mind, you have the hard stuff freshly paved into your brain, so I am sure you will rock it.

Quite jealous of you all.

I’ll be done with all the main pre-reqs this semester but I’m going to be applying next year due to a new addition to our family coming in June.

I’ll be living vicariously through you all during this upcoming cycle!

dnelson -

Congrats on the upcoming addition to the family!!

Regarding applying - are you figuring in the glide year - as application this spring would be for admission in 2013? You probably wouldn’t be interviewing till September/October.


Good Luck!

these exams are long, but doable. Make sure to take a deep breath between sections and clear your head. I am sure you will kick the exam to the curb!