The End of Affirmative Action Policies for Medical Schools?

The fate of affirmative action for achieving diversity in medical school will be seriously challenged in the upcoming Supreme Court case, Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin. In that case, a student was denied admission by the University of Texas and has brought a lawsuit alleging that she was discriminated based on her race under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.Read the post which also gives a history of how the justice system and higher education are intertwined:

Not sure how much Affirmative Action actually helps. I don’t see much diversity in medicine nor research. I might be dense with this but what is her complaint? That race was used to determine she didn’t have the stats to get in?

Fisher did not finish in the top 10% of her class and therefore had her application reviewed in the holistic process. She claims that the holistic review process factoring race is in fact discriminatory and not needed since the university already has the 10% rule So is she upset because she didn’t cut it into the top 10% and now wants to sue? So it’s okay to use race as a plus up in the top 10% but after that it shouldn’t be used? Shouldn’t the argument be that race is discriminatory period?

I kinda get the impression this post was more to promote the website than anything to do with the importance or lack thereof of this article.

She has documentation that many students were admitted that were less qualified/had lower scores. I suppose she alleges race is the only difference. It will be interesting to see what the court says.

Was this post meant to be instigating something? It’s written like a magazine cover. Also, how is this case related to medical schools? Fisher vs. UT Austin was when she was in undergrad. I do like the shameless plug to his website though.

It is totally meant to embed a link, but it has been a case I’ve been following. The University of Michigan recently had to change its admission process, though Affirmative action was primarily upheld.

So, I’ll be interested to know how it comes out, medical school or not.