The ideal Johns Hopkins student

Any Johns Hopkins students or alumni out there that could describe what makes an ideal Johns Hopkins student? I’m interested not just in the statistics (GPA, MCAT Score), but also the character.

I believe that each university has it’s own personality, and I want to apply to those that not only meet my academic needs, but that will feel like family once I get there.


All schools are initially looking for someone with the numbers (MCAT & GPA), then someone with some balance (good ECs), and who is a decent human being (interview).

Assuming you have those (and those are tough to get for JH), then maybe write about how you want to pursue a career in medical science (if that is what you actually want to do). JH has a long history of producing excellent medical research.

Thanks RxnMan It’s JH’s historical impact on medical research that first attracted me to the school. I agree with your general student profile reqs.

It’s the undercurrent of life at JH that I’d love to hear about. At some schools, profs are passionate about teaching and are involved with their students, others direclty state on their web site for new students that the faculty doesn’t care, they are busy, have other stuff to do, so find the answers to your own problems. I’m not looking to have my hand held, but I am looking to gain a valued life-long mentor.

The man who inspired me to go into medicine graduated first in his class from JH. The only thing he told me about the atmosphere of the place was how incredibly competitive it was. Students got mean.

You’re trying to tailor your essays to them, and that’s great. But the only real way to do that is to write to their mission statement (med research). A lot of your questions (student atmosphere, how supportive professors are,) will be answered when you interview there.