The most caring person in the world

My grandma passed away today at the age of 86.

I am sad and relieved. She has been in hospice for 3 weeks now and we knew this day would come. I’m posting this not for sympathy from the group but to honor my grandma for being what I said in the subject line… ‘The most caring person in the world.’ She would do anything for anyone. If someone was down on their luck my grandma would ‘find’ something wrong with her house and would ask that person if they’d like to help her fix it. She was always baking something for someone and made the best sugar cookies ever!! I could always count on her to play a game of Uno with me and my daughters and always laughed when my youngest would beat her. It made her day. She was always encouraging me to do my best and was very excited when I told her about my plans to become a doctor. I hope I can be half the person that she was.

I love you Grandma!!!

It sounds like she’s a wonderful and inspirational woman, Geoff - thanks for sharing that with us.

Thank you Geoff for allowing us to know the kind of person you grandmother was.

She will live on in your heart and in your memories. Peace be with you in this time of sorrow.

Geoff, it sounds like your grandma was a wonderful person. . . and I’m sure she thought of you as a wonderful grandson.

Keep the memories and relish them always!


I’m sorry your grandma passed away but it’s so beautiful that you’re able to see this time as a celebration of her life. It makes me feel as if I want to go out and do some caring thing for someone today in honor of her.

Geoff, thank you for sharing your reminiscences about your grandmother. She truly does sound like “the most caring person in the world.” She certainly has passed on a good portion of that to you and you are a credit to her.

Even a good, peaceful, expected death is a very hard thing to go through and the coming days and weeks will feel very lonely. Hugs to you and your girls as you miss her so much.



I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of your grandmother. Just remember, the wonderful times you had with her will always be with you!