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Hi all, new member and first time poster here. It’s great to find a support network such as this one. I was begining to think that the non-traditional student didn’t stand much of a chance of getting into medical school. I have returned back to college after a 15 year absence. Since my GPA was less than spectatular I had to declare academic clemency to wipe the slate clean. I started over last summer and have knocked out 30 hours (when this semester is over next week) and hope to continue forward. I am married with three children (13, 7, & 3) and I own a franchise copy shop. So far the hardest part has be juggling my time between kids, work, and school. Anyway just wanted to say howdy and I look forward to everyone insight.

Hello, and welcome.
There are a lot more of us out there than you might realize at first, so you’re far from alone.

Welcome Rhys! This is great place to be…some many inspirational people willing to give advice and tips. I’ve really come to rely on it as my source of information on the web. It’s great…I’ve gotten information ranging from how/where to buy cheap textbooks (saving $70 - thanks to efex and to practical chemistry study tips. I hope OPM can give you the same positive experience.

Greetings Todd and welcome to OPM
I hope you will enjoy the time you spend here. There really is a great bunch of people here and we look forward to your contributions to our threads. Feel free to jump into any thread already started or start your own.
It will be a never-ending challenge for you to balance school with family and kids. I have 2 kids, now 9 and 16, and I started this med school journey in 1998 when I went to get my 4 year degree. I know all about the issue that can come up and will be more than happy to help in out in any way.
Good luck with your studies.
And again welcome to our great group of OPMers.

Amy B

Welcome to OldPreMeds & Go Hogs Go!!! I am a native Arkansan, although I have not lived there in about 10 years. My wife & I were just talking this evening about the prospects of going back to Little Rock, where we both grew up. Personally, I consider Dallas more “home” than LR…but that is certainly where I grew up & spent my wild & wooley years.
I wish I had known about academic clemency when I returned to Ugrad world. However, you do realize that only UAMS is obligated to honor your clemency & that any other school may choose not to do so? What ever the case, it can still be done - I am living proof! Got in with one of the worst old GPAs I’ve heard of yet…only 1 person I know of got it with worse - he should graduate from UCinn this year w/ his MD.
If you’re interested, I can certainly bore or inspire you with my story.
Again, welcome & please consider attending our 4th annual Conference & Workshops in Denver June 10 ~ 13.

I lived in Little Rock for quite sometime, but now I reside in Bentonville. There was a news report early last week which stated that UAMS will open a new medical school here in Nortwest Arkansas due in part from a generous financial gift by Wal-Mart and several other large corporations. Hopefully this will come to fruitation by the time I am able to apply. It would be so much easier if I didn’t have to uproot the family and sell off my business.
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Welcome. I too have been out of school for 15 years. I thought I was too old to go to medical school, But I’ve never been one to just throw down the towel and give up. So I applied to a 6 year medical school in England and here I go this Aug! There are many paths to become a Doctor as you will learn here. We all have one thing in common,OLD,at least older than most premeds. But we have a few things they don’t such as maturity and experience. Well don’t we?