The new iPad...

So, I’ve finally come over to the dark side.

We’re an android family. We’re a kindle fire family. We love amazon prime for movies, music, etc.

But…we have finally come over to the dark side.

Because my husband will be in Afghanistan periodically over the next year, we decided to buy iPads for easy, portable communication and ‘facetime’ with our daughter.

Yes. It’s 2012, and this is my FIRST apple device.

So, come on, iPad fanatics. Tell me your favorite ‘must-have’ apps! (And Lorien, when your finals are done, I expect you to be at the top of this post… because my child already looked at my iPad and asked me where all the cool stuff was, like what Miss Lorien has…)

OMG the possibilities are endless

Look for you local news stations

Ours has a weather app that you can look at the radar, weather channel has a radar too.

For music

Pandora and I heart radio, KLOVE, Air1 and WAY also have apps

I used myfitnesspal to lose 40 lbs since last October

Blackboard and Tegrity if your school uses those

I have a few games as well

For school stuff, I use Iannotate to open PDFs and write/type on them. I use Dropbox as a internet file storage place. Penultimate is good for drawing. Docs to Go allows you to open, create, and work in Office docs, spreadsheets and powerpoints. I downloded the kindle app so I get all my kindle books on my iPad. Then I downloaded some medical books through my kindle so I don’t need the text books (although sometimes I like the actual book better). A flashcard app that is compatible with Quizlet is good too (I’m using Mentalcase which is OK. For some reason I couldn’t just get Quizlet on my iPad).

For games, I went old school and downloaed Pong 72. It’s amazing how bad I am at moving the paddle up and down to deflect the stupid ball. I also like Tic Tac Toe, Wordsearch, Free cell and Shanghai Mahjong. I’m trying to avoid new games that I will probably get addicted to.

I’m also likely to set up something called Splashtop this summer as it basically syncs up your iPad with your computer so you have access to any and all files on it. Then I wouldn’t have to do the dropbox shuffle (I think).


Thanks, Lynda! Splashtop is actually one I know about… my Apple-guru (aka my brother in law) has been using it for awhile, and he says it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

They also have apple TV, so they use splashtop to interface their PC laptop with the ipad, and then Apple TV allows them to throw what’s on the iPad up on their big screen TV.

That. Is. AWESOME. So I can stream all my Amazon prime movies on our big screen tv…through my laptop…via my ipad. AND, when we facetime with Daddy, our 5 year old can see him on our big TV, which she will absolutely love. NICE.

What a world…

I’m totally getting the Pong game.

  • carrieliz Said:
So, come on, iPad fanatics. Tell me your favorite 'must-have' apps!

For medical school clerkships: EvPxDx, Skyscape, Dynamed, far.