The New MCAT

Info on potential changes in the next version of the MCAT: -new-mca…

Thank you - had no idea about AAMC’s proposed changes for 2015 MCAT in The Wall Street Journal on March 31, 2011:

The single-page printable article: -new-mcat-less-science-mo re-critical-thinking/tab/ print/

The two main changes proposed by the Association of American Medical Colleges are:

(1) New science sections of the test should include more biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology, areas of intense recent research advances; and

(2) The new MCAT should include knowledge from a broader liberal arts education, such as ethics, philosophy, psychology and cultural studies.

What are the goals? To create a more holistic way to assess medical school applicants, and select for applicants possessing these sensitivities.

The only danger I see is a sudden rush of MCAT review courses teaching magic phrases just to score high on the test, without the underlying academic background and without the person actually mastering and incorporating the philosophy, ethical approach, and cultural sensitivity, among other desired traits.

My humble opinion is that as long as all the sciences necessary for a great physician are still included, adding personal traits, as listed, could help increase physicians with good communication skills and that all-important caring and understanding of their patients’ whole personalities and lifestyles, as it affects improving their health.

This is kind of off topic, but I am seeing all of this emphasis on Doctor’s being able to communicate and being more compassionate people; the thing is I have never really gone to a Doctor who doe snot have at least some degree of personal relations skills. I have noticed when dealing with Doctors who are not from the US that those Doc do show some lacking in social skills, but I always thought that was more cultural than anything. Also if the AAMC wants Doctors who are more able to relate to their patients they should place more emphasis on the writing sample. I hear plenty of 39L’s getting into the best medical schools, which from MCAT prep means they can barely string words together to make a sentence.

Sorry for the Hijack, it just crossed my mind.