The W girl - update!!

Hi everyone,

I posted back in September asking how bad a second W would look on my transcript; saying that I had signed up for an accelerated Pre-Cal/Trig course that I was pulling a low C in.

The update is that I DID NOT drop…I hung in there and worked very, very hard (with lots of study groups) all semester and pulled a B! Got the final grade today. So, take heart to those of you that are struggling…it can be done! I was on the verge of pass/fail all semester, it was very stressful. So, now on to Calc I.

Happy New Year!

Great job! I’m happy for you! I pulled a D up to a B the same way. Thank you twenty bucks an hour tutor!

Go celebrate! Have some wine…oh, maybe I’ll just e-mail you some of the multiple bottles left over from my son’s birthday party as a gift.