The waiting game

Hey guys,

Just twiddling my fingers waiting to hear if I got accepted into a postbacc for the fall.

And by twiddling fingers, I mean taking two classes, working full time, volunteering, and trying to get some research under my belt.

I’m hopeful that I will get in, but do you think it matters to med schools whether you take the prereqs within a structured program or not? If I don’t get in, I’m planning to still take the classes, but as a student-at-large. It’s a rigorous school, and my schedule will be just as challenging.


Unless the post-bacc program has direct linkages to med schools, I don’t think it matters. I am looking at taking DIY classes beginning next summer at my local state university. There benefits to you as an individual to going through a program, but I don’t believe med schools have a preference.

I agree CaptMark, structured or not its the GPA that matters. I feel your pain with the whole part time-student/full-time job routine. Good luck with getting accepted, keep us posted.

I am taking my prereqs at my local university which IMHO has a great pre-health club and wonderful advisors. Go where you feel better supported and can achieve the grades needed to be competitive. Protect the GPA!

From what I have heard unless there is a linkage between the the program and a school, most of the benefits of a post-bacc are for the student to have a support system and structure. I have also heard (but I was DIY) that some schools charge higher tuition for the post-bacc program than youwould pay if you DIY.

If you don’t mind my asking which post bacc program did you apply to? (i am assuming from your signature you are in the chicago area??)

I am at the Loyola program here and I know of other post baccs at Dominican and North Western. Before I decided to go the official program route I talked to UIC as well as roosevelt (where I graduated with a theatre degree…so not the best place for science). At those schools it was difficult to get into choice classes as a student at large (The beauty of Loyola and I think lots of programs is that we get first pick of classes when it comes time to register which is nice if you work or know you need that teacher who keeps office hours! )

I did take a few classes at the local CC’s first and the classes were fine but organization and registration were a pain! BUT if you didn’t get in this semester (although I am sure you will). You might want to consider taking a class or two there to get your feet wet or whatnot (maybe a math class if you need one ??)

Good Luck!!! and I am sure you will be fine (on the plus side the weather is lovely today!!! : )

Mallory, I did DIY post-bacc at UIC and starting medical school at UIC this fall. I didn’t have any problems taking the classes I needed at UIC as a non-degree graduate student. Also, Loyola medical school grants an automatic interview if you finish Loyola’s MA program with GPA above 3.5 (maybe 3.7). And also I’ve heard that Rosalind Franklin is VERY generous with admitting students completing it’s special master’s program.

Thats good news for people looking at UIC! I only passed on the information I was given by the person I sat down with in the UIC med school admissions office, he was very encouraging about trying to do my pre recs at a CCC but warned me I might not find it easy to get into classes at UIC. perhaps this was misinformation? (it was also about 2 years ago)

I am all for going about this in whatever way suits someone best not to mention exploring all options available! : )

Also, Congratulations on starting in the fall!!! That is very very exciting!

This is why I love this forum!

I am applying to Northwestern, primarily because I work at the hospital and get a discount on classes, and it’s right across the street. My secondary reason is that it’s a great school, and I need to prove that I can handle really rigorous courses to make up for my sad undergrad performance.

I may apply to Loyola, as well. (Do you like it there? You didn’t say.) Dominican sounds like a good program, but it is wayyy too far away to be feasible for me.

Good luck, all. I just watched Something the Lord Made (HBO movie about one of the first cardiac surgeries,) and it got me out of my mid-week FUD.

I love this forum too! So many non trads from all walks of life with every experience under the sun!

I have had a fantastic experience at Loyola, initially I felt a little awkward in some of the classes since as a BFA student from a small conservatory I had never been in a lecture hall, and I’ll admit it 100 super smart teenagers fresh out of HS honors chem were a little intimidating at first! But I absolutely found my feet (and some other post baccs over the year ) and I have had some really wonderful teachers and excellent experiences with the advisors! This fall I will apply for the committee so I don’t know much about that yet except that people have had great things to say about it.

The only downside for me is that my fiance and I live all the way downtown without a car and all the pre med classes are on the lakeshore campus so it can be a bit of a hike but at least I am awake when I get to my 8:20 am class! God Bless the CTA (even when I hate it)

Again Good Luck to you and keep us posted!!!