The wordy non-trad CV

I am knocking myself out to get my CV down to a page. The academic version (when I was a librarian) was 2 and a half pages. I’ve thrown out all the librarian presentations, taken the library job descriptions down to one-liners, shredded down volunteer experience descriptions, and it’s a good page and a half yet. Is this editing necessary?

I’m going to manage to get the personal statement down to a page. Somehow. But the CV is eating my lunch. Pretty soon it’s gonna say “I had some jobs and I did some stuff. The end.”

My med student CV was two pages. I am trying to get back to that point now that I am including residency stuff.

It fine that nontraditionals have a longer CV just make sure everything is relavant. I had 2 full pages when I applied to residency and I think that it impressed my interviewers that it was all important.

Aside: I once reviewed a job application from a dental professor and head of facial reconstruction. Since his DDS credentials were irrelevant to the job he was seeking, he simply wrote, “Gentlemen, my CV is in excess of sixteen pages. Rather than preparing copies for each of you, I will be glad to elaborate on my experiences in person.” He has been working for us for four years now.