Theresa and any other TX folks?!?!?!?!?

Any news on the match yet?
I’m pulling for you!!!

UT Southwestern in Dallas!!!
Thanks for asking Runtita!

Congrats! Are you still going to Baylor?


Congrats! Are you still going to Baylor?

Yeah, Baylor is the school for me. Although I suppose it would be in my best interests to see what happens with financial aid.
I can’t go wrong with either school and I can’t believe how fortunate I have been in the application process. 10 apps, 8 interviews (rejected by Mayo& Stanford, oh well!)and 2 awesome schools so far. I’m automatically withdrawn from the other TX schools, so that only leaves one interview I haven’t heard from yet.
Ahh the power on nontrads!

Congrats on your TX acceptances!!! Anyone else on line in the match?

Well…looks like my beloved TCOM has insisted on continuing to keep me hanging. I’ve been placed on the wait list. Now, that’s not terrible news…it could have been a rejection, but it’s not exactly great news either since there is much less movement on the Tex medschool lists due to how the matching system works. So, in lieu of this news, I would like to solicit folks for some tips on trying to make myself shine brighter than the others on the waitlist. What are some things that you would do or have done in this type of situation? I’ve thought about having one of my rec. letter DO’s write a brief letter to the admissions office, but what are some other things to try, without going overboard of course.
On a lighter note, I just completed my interview at the awesome school of WVSOM (I’ll make a sep. post about my encounters their and about meeting the lovely Linda Wilson and her husband). I’ve got 5 more interviews to go across the country and my credit card is screaming for mercy!!!

Theresa! Wow, aren’t you just the studly applicant! You rock. Congrats, and I’m glad to hear I’ll still be seeing you around next year!
Chris, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t match. I didn’t either when I applied. I got waitlisted at UTMB. I did eventaually get in off the waitlist at Baylor, and here’s what I did:
1) Got more clinical experience (shadowing) and had the doc send in a letter - he was a Baylor grad too
2) Sent in all updated transcripts along with letters about how much I really, really wanted to go to their school
3) Called admissions to ask why I didn’t get in. Baylor didn’t want to talk to me (too early) and UTMB didn’t have anything constructive to say. But, it can’t hurt.
4) Got my applications ready to submit for the next year. My MCAT was pretty good, so I didn’t consider retaking, but if you’re marginal it might be a good idea. Sorry…
This probably doesn’t help, but I feel your pain.